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This game is intended for adults and contains adult content. 

Your hometown was never your true destination, but today you're happy you're back for a visit.  A perky vixen from your past is drinking at your old watering hole, and this fox is happy to reconnect!  Will you wow her with your charm and get her to take you home, or will you overplay your hand and get shown the door?  All of your choices matter!

This is a short visual novel, playable in one sitting. 


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I played Hookup Tails recently, and it was real fun.😏 Tracie is both cute and independent, and it was good experience since I have to portray honey characters (AS FOR STORYWISE!😂) too.

Nice work,  I'm way too tired to give a proper long review, but for a first attempt this was pretty impressive! Some things I would say could be tweaked, like the dialogue box could be a bit more stylish considering how good the rest looks. The choices also obviously should be more than a coinflip when you do a longer game, but makes sense for a short project like this. The dialogue was charming and fairly well written, and although a bit cliche of course, it was pretty convincing. It's hard to strike the balance between believability and convenience for a thing like this (especially since most of your audience, not to be rude, will likely not understand that sometimes bar flings can go even faster and more outlandish than this.) but this game pulled it off pretty well. 

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It's a really nice game. Plus, Tracie is beautiful <3.

Amazing work, Sharkhound!! 

Thank you so much! This is our first go at it, but we have another visual novel in the works!